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Mm, Doctor...

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Oh no, we hear you groan, not another Doctor Who comm!

Well, this is a comm with a difference! Welcome to simply_who, the place for anything and everything Whovian. Fanfiction, artwork, icons and discussion for any Doctor, any pairing, are welcome - more than welcome in fact: that's why we made this comm!

Every week, we'll be holding a discussion. We'll give you the discussion point, and it's up to you to discuss as much as you want around that point. Please also stick to the discussion post, at least for now.

1. Spoilers must be marked and LJ-CUT. If you don't know how to cut, go here.

2. All fanfiction/artwork must be rated CLEARLY and SPOILER MARKED.

3. Large pictures must be behind a cut. When posting icons, please only post 4 as a preview and then stick the rest behind a cut.

4. No rudeness towards other members (we're sure there won't be!)

5. Please type nicely (NoT lIkE tHiS).

da_buffster came up with the idea for this comm because she felt there was a need for a place where all pairings could be accepted. She then enlisted the help of the fabulous ebonybeach for her unparallelled LJ skills and ability to write incredibly witty user bios. We wish you a pleasant stay and many happy days.
If you wish to contact either of us, please either visit our journals, or email simply_who@hotmail.co.uk

Finally, we wouldn't have such a gorgeous header and default icon if it weren't for aquirkofmatter - we salute you for beautifying our comm!

my_doctors (Greenwing/Doctor Who)
deprivedwombat- an australian Doctor Who comm.